Local Menu

Added in 9.2.1

Create a menu from locally stored files using Local Menu.  After storing your files locally in Kiosk Pro’s documents folder, you can set your Homepage to a folder name to create an alphabetically ordered menu interface out of the files within that folder. Visitors can then select from a list of files by tapping the button.

Folders inside this location are also shown in the menu selection, allowing you to create multiple tiers of content if needed.

If the file suffix is included in the filename, Kiosk Pro does display it to allow visitors to distinguish between files and folders and to give context if a file cannot be opened (for example, zip files cannot be opened within the app). If you prefer to hide this from the user, you can rename the file without a suffix - instructions for this on Mac and Windows.

To show files that are stored directly in the Kiosk Pro documents folder, you will need to set your path to "./" (a period, followed by a forward slash).

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