Browser Engine Settings

Added to Lite & Basic in version 8.1
Added to Plus & Enterprise in version 7.0

Apple requires third-party apps to use one of two native browser components to render and display web-based content. These browser components are a part of the iOS operating system and are updated with the iOS.


  • UIWebView
  • WKWebView (default)


UIWebView is the older of the two and is the browser component Kiosk Pro has been developed on since its introduction. It uses a slower rendering and JavaScript engine than mobile Safari, but supports all app features.


WKWebView is the newer browser component and uses the same Nitro engine as mobile Safari. It is not currently possible to implement all app features in WKWebView and there are some known issues with this implementation, but it is significantly faster than UIWebView.

For a complete list of non-supported features and known issues, please visit:

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