Reinstalling a previous version of Kiosk Pro


Locate the previous Kiosk Pro .ipa file

Search for the old .ipa file in your trash/recycle bin and copy it somewhere safe (i.e. copy it to your desktop so you know where it is). If you cannot find the file in your trash/recycle bin and you know you have not possibly deleted it from there, you may need to update the app directly in iTunes or use the transfer purchases function (with your device plugged in select File > Device > Transfer Purchases...)


Delete new instances of Kiosk Pro

Once you have a copy of the previous .ipa, locate Kiosk Pro in iTunes and delete it.

Next, locate Kiosk Pro on your device and delete it. To do this, long-tap (i.e. tap and hold) on the app until all of the apps "wiggle". Then, tap the (X) in the top left of the app icon to delete it.

If you have content stored locally in Kiosk Pro, you may want to transfer this content to your computer first.


Sync the older version of Kiosk Pro to your device

Copy the older .ipa file into iTunes by drag/dropping into the iTunes window. Once it has been imported, you can Sync it to your device:

  1. Select your device in iTunes by clicking the iPad/iPhone icon.
  2. Click Apps.
  3. Click the Install button next to Kiosk Pro.
  4. Click the Sync button.

Note: The "Install" button may instead say "Remove" if your device has been plugged in during this process. If so, just unplug and re-plug your device and it should update and you can proceed.

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