Volume & Brightness Settings



A general iPad volume control setting is included for users who might need to adjust the volume of the iPad without wanting to remove the iPad from an enclosure to access the physical volume controls.

If Kiosk Pro's settings are showing that the device is muted and you have the physical lock switch keyed to rotation lock, you'll need to get into iOS's Control Center to toggle off the mute setting.

To access the Control Center, exit Kiosk Pro to the Home screen, then swipe up from the bottom of the screen and the Control Center panel will slide into view. Then toggle the bell icon so that it's darker grey than the surrounding field - this will switch off mute, allowing you to adjust the device's volume either by the physical volume rockers or in Kiosk Pro's settings.

If you’re using an iPad Air 2 (which does not have a physical lock switch), both mute and rotation lock are shown in the Control Center where they can be toggled on and off.

As Apple does not currently provide any way for this global setting to be adjusted via an app's .plist settings, this volume control cannot be regulated remotely as part of the remote update of settings.

In Kiosk Pro Enterprise

Please see  Audio Output & Volume Settings


A general iPad screen brightness control setting is available for users who might need to adjust the brightness of the iPad without wanting to remove the iPad from an enclosure (to access the General device settings).


If Auto-Brightness is on and the brightness is set either programmatically through the app or manually in Control Center or Settings, the screen remains at that brightness until:

  • the brightness is changed manually in Control Center or Settings
  • the brightness is changed programmatically through the app
  • the Auto-Brightness is turned off and back on
  • the screen is turned off and back on
  • a change in ambient light level is detected

One exception to the above appears to be that changes in ambient light levels do not trigger a change if the brightness is set to maximum (100%).

If the device is inside an enclosure that covers the light sensors, that would prevent the final condition from triggering at lower percentages as long as the brightness was set programmatically after the device was installed in the enclosure.

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