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Idle Time Limit

The Idle Time Limit is one of Kiosk Pro's most popular features and is available in all versions of the app. 

This feature works by starting a timer after every touch to the iPad. If the iPad has not been touched again before the timer completes, the app refreshes back to the Homepage specified in the app's settings, resetting the kiosk to the start page for the next visitor.

Default: 30

Depending on your content, a typical setting is anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds, but can be longer in certain situations. For testing, you might want to use a shorter time to minimize the amount of time you have to wait for refresh. 

If the Idle Time Limit field is left empty or with a value of '0', Kiosk Pro will not return the program to the homepage on its own. The idle timer does not run by default when the kiosk is on the homepage itself, instead it waits until a visitor touches the screen to begin and starts the idle timer.

In our Basic version and above, the idle timer can be used in conjunction with the Clear Cache on Homepage and Clear Cookies on Homepage settings to clear any logins or private data entered when the device resets.

In some situations, you may want to disable the idle timer on a page - for example, if you are showing a video that's longer than your idle timer and do not want the kiosk to time out to the homepage midway through the video.  As a part of our JavaScript API in our Basic, Plus and Enterprise versions, you can define the JavaScript function 'KioskShouldDisableIdleTimer()' and have it return 'YES' or 'NO', depending on whether you want the idle timer to be skipped or to trigger normally.  

In Plus and Enterprise, we've also added the ability to trigger the idle timer through 'kp_IdleTimer_fire()', which will immediately call the idle timer (and, if you have a screensaver set, launch the screensaver).

Documentation and sample code demonstrating these calls is available here.  

Show Idle Time Reset Alert

This setting allows your kiosk to alert visitors when a reset to the homepage is about to happen.

Default: Off

This is useful for visitors who might have to sign into an application or might just need more time on a page. The alert will appear ten seconds prior to the Idle Time Limit resetting. This alert gives visitors a way to prevent the app from cycling back to the homepage without notice (and signing them out or losing their place). The text of the alert is completely customizable.

Idle Time Reset Alert Text

This setting lets you create custom text for the Idle Time Reset Alert.

Default: Please touch the screen to continue your session.

Refresh Homepage

This setting allows you to determine how often to refresh the homepage, expressed in minutes. This may be useful for applications whose content changes regularly as this timer will trigger a refresh and clear the cache to ensure that the latest content is downloaded, regardless of regular cache setting. This setting only triggers clearing cookies if 'Clear Cookies on Homepage' is On.

Default: 0

When the kiosk presentation is run, the app will create a schedule based on the interval configured in this setting.  Before refreshing, Kiosk Pro will check if an idle timer is currently running and, if so, will skip refreshing until the Idle Time Limit has successfully triggered, signalling that the visitor has walked away from the kiosk.  At that point, the app will resume refreshing at the next scheduled interval.

When set to zero, the homepage will not be reloaded without other interaction with the kiosk (for example, idle time out or remote update of settings or content).

Page Loading Time Limit

This setting allows you to determine how long Kiosk Pro should attempt to load your content before timing out. How you choose to set this time limit will depend on the strength of your Internet connection and the size and complexity of the content you are attempting to load.

Default: 30

If the time limit is reached without Kiosk Pro having successfully loaded your content, a brief on-screen alert will be shown and the page will be reloaded.

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