What is Kiosk Pro?

Kiosk Pro is a series of apps designed to turn your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch into a professional kiosk! You just need Kiosk Pro, an enclosure to protect your device and the kiosk content you want to present to your visitors. Our apps are easy to set up, allowing you to customize how your content is presented on the iPad.

Kiosk Pro is a specialized browser designed to present web-friendly content and media as a customized kiosk app. In this scenario, the iPad should be set up to keep Kiosk Pro open and running at all times, preventing access to the device's home screen and settings.

Kiosk Pro cannot run other iOS apps or limit which apps are available on the device's Home screen. 

All four versions of Kiosk Pro -  Lite, Basic, Plus and Enterprise - are available through iTunes and we also offer rebranded versions of the app as custom B2B apps through Apple's Volume Purchase Program.

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