How does the app determine if I need an internet connection?

Kiosk Pro automatically assumes that users require an internet connection. The UIRequiresPersistentWiFi command, which prevents the WiFi controller from going to sleep during extended periods of inactivity, must be set when the app is compiled (and can't be changed based on app settings).

With that said, if your content is stored locally on the device and it needs to be accessed without a connection, you should turn off the Requires Internet Access setting in Kiosk Pro. This setting allows Kiosk Pro to regularly check for internet access if connection is lost, and will reload the page when a connection is restored. When turned Off, Kiosk Pro will not automatically reload the page being shown when a connection is detected.

If your content is stored locally and you do not require a WiFi connection, we also recommend turning WiFi off in the iPad settings; you will not see any alerts or dialogue boxes if WiFi is off. If you prefer to use Airplane mode, you will see an alert box when Kiosk Pro is initially run (after being connected to WiFi); once this alert is dismissed, it should not show again (until the iPad is connected to WiFi again and then placed in Airplane mode again.)

We apologize for any inconvenience during initial app launch that this might present to users storing content locally. We hope that this will provide a more stable WiFi connection for our users that require an internet connection without compromising the stability of the app for any of our users.

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