Can I run other apps within Kiosk Pro?

No, while we can definitely see why many users would find this functionality useful, this is not possible in iOS. Kiosk Pro is a modified version of Apple's UIWebView browser and, as such, it supports viewing of .html webpages and other certain types of content files (like .pdfs), but not other apps.

One iOS app cannot run other iOS apps as third-party apps are 'sandboxed' by Apple (meaning that no third-party app is able to access the information of another third-party app) for security reasons.

In iOS, while it is possible for one app to launch another, the initial app is then moved to the background or exited and then cannot resume control of the screen without user action or being called back by that second app.

In our Plus and Enterprise versions prior to 8.5, we previously provided a way to "link out" to other iOS apps by allowing you to  specify certain apps by custom URI scheme. In this scenario, once another app was launched it then had control of the device; you had to be able to return the user to Kiosk Pro, either through a call built into the app you were linking to or manually. Links to other apps not listed would automatically fail, as would any links to other apps when using our Lite or Basic versions prior to 8.5. 

Due to changes in Apple's review guidelines, which were updated to explicitly state that apps could not prevent links to other apps from being executed, we have removed this feature in our 8.5 update and all links to other apps execute as expected.  Running the app in Guided Access or in Single App Mode will block any links to other apps; otherwise they will open the app requested.  This will occur in every version of the app. 

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