Can I run other apps within Kiosk Pro?

No. While we can see why this functionality is useful, this is not possible in iOS. Kiosk Pro is a modified version of Apple's WebView browsers and supports viewing of web-friendly content like HTML pages, PDFs and video. Other iOS apps are not able to be displayed. Apple also 'sandboxes' third-party iOS apps, meaning one app is not able to access the information of another app for security reasons.

Kiosk Pro allows the ability to link to other iOS apps using URL schemes. Guided Access and Single App Mode will both block links to other apps.

In versions prior to 8.5, we were blocking this functionality by default, and allowing it to be controlled specifically in our Plus and Enterprise versions using the Allowed Links to External Apps feature. Due to changes in Apple's review guidelines which state that apps can not prevent links to other apps from being executed, we removed this feature in our 8.5 version

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