Can I open multiple tabs or pop-ups?

Kiosk Pro is a single window browser which does not have support for multiple tabs or traditional pop-ups which open in a separate window.

When Kiosk Pro is directed to open this type of pop-up, it generally attempts to open it in the main content window. In a multi-window browser, the pop-up would open parallel to the main content in its own window and so in most implementations the secondary pop-up window is exited by simply closing that window, which leaves the visitor at the main content page. Since Kiosk Pro has turned control of the single browser window over to the pop-up, there is no way to close that window (short of exiting the app or tapping the Home icon in the Navigation Bar).

While we have looked at workarounds for this in the past, all of the solutions we've found decrease app stability, which is clearly not acceptable for a kiosk-mode browser. We will continue to look for solutions, but currently the only option is modifying the site so that it is not reliant on traditional pop-up windows to function.

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