Do you offer discounts on multiple licenses?

Apple doesn't currently offer any mechanism for providing volume discounts for customers purchasing our standard iTunes apps either through the App Store or the Volume Purchase Program for Business.

While Apple does provide a mechanism for educational discounts on iTunes apps purchased through the Volume Purchase Program for Education, the only option is a full 50% discount on purchases of 20 licenses or more. As a small company that currently still reinvests all incoming revenue from app sales back into providing free support and continued development, we're not currently in a position to offer that deep a discount and so we've had to opt out. 

Since pricing is set individually for customers purchasing rebranded versions of Plus or Enterprise through Apple's custom B2B program, we have more flexibility and are able to offer volume discounts on these versions of the app.  Rebranding does have specific requirements, including eligibility for the Volume Purchase Program for Business and a $950 annual fee -  more on this here

We currently offer discounts for purchases of 50 or more licenses of these custom B2B licenses and for purchases of 21 or more licenses of the remote management server - please contact us for details.

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