Editing Kiosk Pro settings

Kiosk Pro's settings menu can be set to display:

  • on app launch (as it is by default), 
  • following a touch gesture and passcode, 
  • never.

If the app is set up to show settings following a touch gesture and passcode, you can access the settings by touching all four corners of the screen at once while in the kiosk presentation and holding your fingers there until the passcode prompt appears (about one second). 

If you set up the settings menu to never show and do not have Remote Settings Control enabled and correctly configured, you will not be able to change Kiosk Pro's settings without deleting the app and re-installing. More on these options here.

Additional information about each setting can be accessed by touching the 'i' icon to the left of the setting name. 

You can access our entire knowledgebase by touching 'Need Help?' in the top right corner of the settings menu or by visiting http://docs.kioskproapp.com.

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