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Our Capture APIs allow you to save form data, capture screenshots, take a photo or video with the device's native camera, and send data to another application with Zapier. All information is stored locally on the on the device in the Kiosk Pro Documents folder.
Using these APIs, you can run a survey or sign-up form in an area with poor or non-existent WiFi and/or cellular data connection and then retrieve the data later. The resulting data and/or files can be pulled from the iPad through a local sync directly with iTunes, or a remote sync through our Dropbox integration.

Save form data locally to the device

This custom function will save information entered into a form to a .csv or text file stored locally on the device.

CSV (comma-separated value) is a standard format compatible with most spreadsheet software, including Microsoft Excel, and is often used as a format for uploading contact data to online databases. When saving in this format, Kiosk Pro saves each entry as a new line and each cell within that line must be delineated by a comma.

Entries can also be saved to a plain text (.txt) file.

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Capture visitor signatures, screenshots, or drawings

This function allows you to capture a screenshot of the current view of the screen and to save it locally as an image file. Parameters of the function let you define the file name used, whether to capture the entire screen or just a portion of it, and to trigger a callback once the capture has been saved successfully.

The screen capture function can be used in combination with an HTML5 canvas in your code to capture visitor signatures and/or drawings as shown in one of our demo samples.

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Take photos or record videos using the iPad camera

Using custom JavaScript functions, you can access the camera and save the result locally on the iPad. In these views, the standard iOS camera interface is shown on screen and the kiosk visitor triggers the capture by touching the screen.

As a part of the photo API, there's also the option of setting an automatic countdown for capture where the camera image is shown on screen, overlaid by the countdown of the number of seconds until the image will be snapped, which then happens automatically. The resulting image is shown overlaid with the alert message defined until the alert is dismissed or the idle timer triggers.

A custom function can also be used to determine which camera (front or back) to use.

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Send data to another application with Zapier

Zapier is a service which connects hundreds of popular web apps, including Google Sheets, MailChimp, and Salesforce among others.

A webhook is a URL published from within your Zapier account that allows Kiosk Pro to communicate with Zapier. Once the webhook is published, it is referenced inside our JavaScript API call to Zapier along with a set of key:value pairs defining the data you’d like to pass. Inside Zapier, calls to the webhook act as a trigger, which can be used to start an action in another app.

If the device is offline and unable to contact Zapier's servers, Kiosk Pro will store call locally and send them when the device is reconnected to the Internet.

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