Camera is not appearing?

If you're content calls the device's native camera, but the camera does not appear, here are some things to check for:

Make sure the app has permission to use the camera.

When an app first tries to get permission to use the camera, a message will appear asking for confirmation. If 'No' is selected, this message will not appear again. To grant Kiosk Pro access, you'll need to open the iPad Settings, select 'Privacy' from the sidebar, and then 'Camera'. If Kiosk Pro tried to request access and was denied, it should be in this list with a toggle set to off. Switch the toggle on to allow access.

Check that your JavaScript is correct.

If something is wrong with your code, the camera may not being called at all. You can verify that the call is being executed through the use of 'alert' statements.

Check that you are using a recent version of 'kiosk_functions.js'.

If you've updated from an older version of the app, you may need to generate a new 'kiosk_functions.js' file.

If you continue to experience issues after trying these things, feel free to contact us via a support ticket or by emailing

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