Password protecting a kiosk website

Since your web server is what controls who has access to your files, this isn't something Kiosk Pro can do directly.

If you are using an Apache web server, it is possible to password protect your files using .htaccess and .htpasswd files.  This requires that you use Cache Source set to 'Native UIWebView' or 'Never' as this authentication is incompatible with the custom http:// protocols used in 'Kiosk Pro Cache' mode.

Once you have this type of password protection set up, you can embed the username and password you set directly into the URL in the format ''and set this as the homepage or a link within your content.

If you are working with a website that already has this type of server-side authentication set up and you are either unable to embed the username/password in the link as shown above or each visitor needs to enter separate credentials, our Plus and Enterprise versions include support for WKWebView, a different browser engine that allows you to enter this type of credential directly. 

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