Encrypting or password protecting files that are locally stored

There is currently no way of encrypting or hiding local files in Kiosk Pro. With that said, it's not possible for remote web pages to access files stored locally on the iPad so the only ways that local data might be copied would be:

  • If you had a local page that deliberately sent the data to a remote server. As you are in control of the content you place on the iPad, this is under your control.
  • If someone physically connected the iPad to a computer and downloaded the files. The only way to prevent this would be by supervising the iOS device using Apple's free Configurator software for Mac. Supervising a device allows you to set a number of restrictions on how the device can be used and will link the device to the specific Mac you used to configure it. This means that the iOS device can only be synced with that Mac and will not successfully connect to any other computer (and so there would be no way of accessing these files outside of connecting to this one Mac).

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