What are my options for remotely managing my kiosks?

There are two ways for you to remotely manage your kiosks:

Built into Kiosk Pro

Paid versions of Kiosk Pro have certain remote management options built right in.  If using our Basic version or above, you can update your  app settings remotely using an .xml file hosted remotely on your own servers. 

Our Plus & Enterprise versions allow you to also update locally stored files remotely, either by  connecting to an .xml file and .zip hosted on your servers or by syncing with a Dropbox account.

Finally, our Plus & Enterprise versions support updating app settings through MDM (mobile device management) using a protocol called  Managed App Configuration to push app settings directly from within your MDM console. 

Using the Remote Management Server

Kiosk Pro's Remote Management Server allows you to fully monitor and administer your iPad kiosks in the field through a simple web-based interface. This interface allows you to monitor the device through regular heartbeats and device health reports, upload new content to Kiosk Pro, and monitor kiosk usage from session length to the content and URL's your visitors are accessing.

The Remote Management Server is compatible with our Plus & Enterprise versions and requires a separate annual subscription for each device. More information is available here.  

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