Can I revert or downgrade to a previous version of Kiosk Pro?

Apple does not provide any way for users to download and install previous versions of an app through iTunes. As these versions cannot be distributed outside of iTunes (for both technical and legal reasons), we are unable to provide previous versions of these apps to users directly.

As a best practice, when updating Kiosk Pro, we recommend backing up the previous version of the app onto a computer and testing the new version with your content before going all in and updating everywhere. As Apple does not provide any way to download previous versions through iTunes, this is a good way to avoid a headache in case your content doesn't work with the new version for any reason.

You can always save the previous version of the app by updating directly on the iPad through the App Store icon while retaining the previous version in iTunes on a desktop computer. Once you've confirmed that the new version works with your content, we recommend updating the backup version stored on the desktop in preparation for the next round of updates.

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